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  New program: Optimization of irrigation networks (2010-12-06)

Optimization of irrigation networks

TechnoLogismiki proudly presents a new program entitled Irrigation Optimization. This program is an add-on to the Water Networks and allows for the detailed analysis and optimization of irrigation networks, or, in general, of branched networks under pressure.

The program features the following:

  • Optimization of irrigation networks (or, in general, of branched networks under pressure).
  • Use of any number of possible conduit shapes.
  • Multiple constraints: Maximum velocity in pipes, minimum velocity in pipes, minimum pressure at junctions, increasing diameter upstream (optional), shape availability (optional).
  • Evaluation of the characteristic curve of the network, including the evaluation of the present value of the whole investment (pumps, pumping costs, maintenance, energy cost) based on a specified interest rate.
  • Automatic evaluation of flows based on Clement’s first probabilistic formula.
  • Independent pressure requirement for each junction.
  • The user can fix one or more pipes to specific conduit shapes.
  • Complete integration in Water Networks’  user interface.
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