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  TechnoLogismiki Works 2007 released (2006-09-26)
The next generation of the award-winning Engineering Programs is now available. The programs are divided in the following categories:
  • Hydraulics: infrastructure networks, river hydraulics, hydraulic solvers, dams, culverts and water hammer.
  • Hydrology: water budget in catchments and flood flows.
  • Environmental: roadway pollution models (Caline) and emission estimation model (Mobile).
  • Financial: (in GREEK only) estimation of the engineer's fees for services and projects.
The programs are available in demonstration version and you can also download their brochures where the most common features are highlighted. You may also browse the user guides online if you want to go into greater detail regarding their functions and capabilities.

For more information or to order a DEMO CD, please contact us. The DEMO CD is dispatched FOR FREE.

Due to customs restrictions we are unable to ship a DEMO CD to the following countries: India, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Jordan. Customers from these countries are encouraged to download the DEMO CD here.

  Featured Product  
Hydraulics Package

The Hydraulics Package consists of: Sewer Networks with the Toolpack, Water Networks with the Toolpack and the Network Optimization modules, River Flow, Hydraulic Solver, Culverts, Hydraulic Hammer and Reservoir Simulation. Purchase your own copy today!


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