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Update Hydraulic Programs v1.x for DOS to v1.05.

The update procedure is not supported anymore.

What is changed and what is corrected

1. A problem in the 8th program is fixed. During the input of the coefficients (Manning and code) in the last two cells, other numbers (different than those entered) would appear. These numbers should be deleted and the user had to input them again. However, this bug had no effect on the calculations.

2. The input data method in water networks is now better. In particular, the data entry for nodes with known pressure height is being accomplished via a dialog form and it is possible to change it at any time. HOWEVER: it is not possible to load projects saved by v1.00 of program 11 with v1.05. The sample projects included with program 11 have been upgraded to v1.05.

3. The print out in program 4 (storm networks) is imporved. In some cases, there was an alignment problem during printing. This problem is of course cosmetic and does not affect in any way the calculations.

Do you need the update?

It is recommended that you install the update unless you have a lot of projects for program 11 (water networks) and you would like to use them again in the future. Of course you could re-input their data and in that case, you should perform the update procedure.

Update Procedure

Download the file and unzip it. You will need pkunzip.exe from pkware, which you can download without charge if you don't already have it, from the address Then type:


Copy pkunzip.exe and in the folder TEMPD (or in any other folder you wish) and type:


To start the update type:


To read about the latest changes and warnings before you update your programs type:


Download the update

Download the update now, by clicking here.

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