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Storm Networks: Project files from older versions are not solved successfully.

The new program version does not have significant differences from the older versions regarding the solver. A network which is successfully solved by an older version will be successfully solved by the new version as well.

What has changed are the pipe specifications which are now required and are used by the solver. The pipe specifications are under the Tools menu.

If the project is using pipe specifications then there is no upgrade issue and you may load and solve the network without any further concern. However, if the project was not using pipe specifications, then the program will automatically create them for you and try to complete all the necessary fields for each pipe specification. There are three fields that cannot be automatically completed for you:

  • the friction coefficient
  • the maximum allowed flow velocity in the pipe
  • the maximum full flow percentage
The user must make sure that all of the above three fields are completed. Note, that the older versions of the program were using a common maximum allowed flow velocity and full flow percentage for all pipes, unless the user specified pipe specifications.
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