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Which are the latest versions of the programs?

This product is now unsupported. During its support cycle period, the updates were sent on a CD free of charge to all registered users.

For your reference, you may compare the versions of your programs to the latest available versions, using the following table. To obtain the latest versions, please contact us to request an upgrade offer.

Note: For your convenience, use the version information tool.

Pressure pipes 2.0 b50
Gradually varying flow 2.0 b59
Fluid properties database 2.0 b53
IDF database 2.0 b61
Open channels 2.0 b97
Sewer networks 2.0 b55
Storm networks 2.0 b181
Water networks 2.0 b21
Uniform flow 2.0 b65
Flood wave 2.0 b42
Hydrographs synthesis 2.0 b43
Profile editor 2.0 b31
Rapidly varying flow 2.0 b30
Water Hammer 2.0 b53
Pump calculation 2.0 b102
Flood flows 2.0 b198
Water collection inlets 2.0 b38
Print manager 2.0 b125
Main menu 2.0 b233
Quantities 2.0 b28
Profile designer 2.0 b190

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