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The program does not recognize my hasp key even though it`s properly connected.

If the program cannot access your hasp key, then please follow the instructions below to solve the issue:

1. Your hasp key is old and is not supported by version 2010 or later. For more information, please consult the hasp key upgrade page.

2. If your hasp key is not old, then it is highly likely that the hasp key drivers were not properly installed. There are many reasons which may cause an improper installation, but the most common is the presence of various programs that utilize hasp keys simultaneously. In this case:
2.1. Locate the file C:WindowsSystem32hasp_com_windows.dll in your computer, the exact size of this file must be 778240 bytes. If the size of your local file is incorrect, then proceed to step 2.2, otherwise ship to step 3.
2.2. Download the file, extract it and replace the local copy with this file in C:WindowsSystem32 folder.
2.3. Select Start, then Run and type regsvr32 c:windowssystem32hasp_com_windows.dll. Click the enter button on your keyboard. After the file is successfully registered, the hasp key installation is complete and you may run TechnoLogismiki Works 2010 or later.

3. Download from aladdin's web site the latest hasp key driver.
3.1. Extract the file in a temporary folder, i.e. C:Temp.
3.2. Click Start then Run and type cmd followed by Enter.
3.3. Type CD C:Temp and click Enter.
3.4. Type haspdinst -i and click Enter. After the installation completes successfully, the hasp key installation is complete and you may run TechnoLogismiki Works 2011 or later.

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