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Purchase all TechnoLogismiki Works 2016 programs by taking advantage of this special offer. 
4499.00 €
Hydraulics Package

The most complete Hydraulics Package in the market. 
3299.00 €
Pressure Networks Package

Combine water networks, water networks toolpack, irrigation optimization, networks optimization using genetic algorithms and water hammer in one package. 
1799.00 €
Sewer Package

Combine sewer networks, hydraulic solver, culverts, rainwater inlets and flood flows in one package. 
1699.00 €
River Package

Combine the river flow with the flood flows and hydraulic solver. 
699.00 €
Environmental Package

Vehicle emission estimation model, landfill emission model and model for the calculation of roadway pollution due to vehicle transportation and / or queuing around roads, noise from construction sites. 
999.00 €

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Hydraulics Package

The Hydraulics Package consists of: Sewer Networks with the Toolpack, Water Networks with the Toolpack and the Network Optimization modules, River Flow, Hydraulic Solver, Culverts, Hydraulic Hammer and Reservoir Simulation. Purchase your own copy today!


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