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  • September 2009
    Seminars scheduled for September, regarding the new product for static and dynamic analysis of buildings, RAF.

  • July 2009
    TechnoLogismiki and KEK Delta will be offering two educational programs to all engineers registered in the e-engineers list through the Technical Chamber of Greece. The first will be dealing with water networks while the second with sewer networks. More information here.

  • June 2009
    Seminars scheduled for July, regarding the new product for static and dynamic analysis of buildings, RAF.

  • June 2007
    Successful conclusion of the first wave of seminars.

  • April 2007
    You may renew online your support contract.

  • October 2006
    New web site with brand new online store, updated content and enhanced online services.

  • September 2006
    New version: TechnoLogismiki Works 2007 hydraulic, hydrological, environmental and financial programs for Engineers.

  • July 2006
    Updated version: Estimate the engineer`s fees (in greek only) for services and projects.

  • May 2006
    New version: Hackman Suite 9.0 is released. It contains upgraded versions of all well-known components of the Hackman line of products.

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