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Leasing Service

Leasing is available for the following products:  

Products Number of payments Instalment (%) Payment for buy-off (%)
Pressure Networks Package 4 25% 20%
Sewer Package 4 25% 20%
Hydraulics Package 5 20% 20%
TechnoLogismiki Works 2012 Package 8 12.5% 30%

According to the leasing table, depending on the product, each payment is calculated as a fixed percentage of the current value of the selected product. For example, if at a given time, a product costs 1000 euro and requires 4 payments of 25% each, then each payment will be 250 euro. Payments may change in the future if the value of the product increases or decreases. Such changes do not affect past payments.

If the customer wants to buy the product after all payments take place, the buy-off percentage is multiplied with the current value of the product to determine the buy-off price, i.e. a product that costs 1000 euro with a buy-off percentage equal to 30%, yields a buy-off payment equal to 300 euro.

Please contact us for more information regarding leasing.

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Hydraulics Package

The Hydraulics Package consists of: Sewer Networks with the Toolpack, Water Networks with the Toolpack and the Network Optimization modules, River Flow, Hydraulic Solver, Culverts, Hydraulic Hammer and Reservoir Simulation. Purchase your own copy today!


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