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TechnoLogismiki protects your investment. Before purchasing one or more of our products you may OPTIONALLY purchase a 12-month maintenance contract is issued at a minimal charge (10% of the current value for each individual product). During the period of your support contract:
  • you have unlimited technical support via phone or email with priority
  • you have access to updates via Live Update for all the products you have purchased
  • you can upgrade to newer versions for free (i.e. from version 3 to version 4),
  • you can purchase additional products at special reduced prices,
  • we physically ship updates once or twice per year on DVD or CD
Please note that it is not possible to upgrade using the live update system. For more information regarding upgrades, consult the faq section.

All customers receive the next version of the products they purchased free of charge, as new versions are released every year. During the life cycle of a product which is usually 2 years, you have access to live update and to our technical support, even if you do not have an active maintenance contract.

If you have an active support contract, you may optionally renew it for another year by paying 5% of the current value for each individual product you own. A maintenance contract may be renewed only if it has not expired. If your maintenance contract has expired, then you can visit the upgrade page to find out the price for upgrading to the latest version. Customers are advised to renew their support contracts before they expire to minimize the upgrade cost and keep their products up-to-date.

The program Hackman Suite is excluded. For this product we offer lifetime technical support that does not expire and is not necessary to be renewed.

You will be notified in writing for all changes to our support policy and you will have the right to cancel any support contract if you do not agree with our new terms.

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Hydraulics Package

The Hydraulics Package consists of: Sewer Networks with the Toolpack, Water Networks with the Toolpack and the Network Optimization modules, River Flow, Hydraulic Solver, Culverts, Hydraulic Hammer and Reservoir Simulation. Purchase your own copy today!


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