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  IDF Curves

Version 9.0 - October 2019

This program creates rainfall intensity - duration - frequency curves, also known as IDF curves. The equation of the IDF curves is i=kTa/(t+b)m. The user can either utilize unprocessed data from one or more rain gages or processed time series given as maximum annual rainfall heights per rainfall duration.


  • Calculates all coefficients of the generic rainfall intensity - duration - frequency equation.
  • Can read raw rainfall data from one or more raingages.
  • Can use manimum annual rainfall heights instead of raw data.
  • To estimate the coefficients the following distributions can be used:
    • Gumbel
    • Normal
  • Empirical probability of exceedance is calculated using:
    • Weibull
    • Gringorten
    • Cunnane
    • Blom
    • Hazen.
  • It is possible to use a pre-defined constant b coefficient.
  • Import / export data from / to Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheets.
  • A correction factor for areal precipitation may be used when the rational method is applied.
  • The concentration time can be estimated using the well known formulas of Izzard, California Culverts Practice and Kinematic wave.
  • Formatted output to Microsoft Word for professional printouts with minimal user intervention.
  • Theoretical background has been added in the documentation.
  • Multilevel undo and redo.
  • Professional reports and printouts in Microsoft Word or directly to the printer.
  • Tip of the day.
  • Full user guide.
  • Tutorials.
  • Live Update.
  • English and Greek interface.
User Guide
Main program interface
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Data entry from text files
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General data
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