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The TechnoLogismiki Works Package consists of twenty six programs:

  • Sewer Networks: Design and calculate storm and sewer networks.
  • Sewer Networks Toolpack a collection of necessary tools to minimize your work labor.
  • Water Networks: Design water and irrigation networks.
  • Water Networks Toolpack: Extend the Water Networks program functionality with this collection of essential tools.
  • Irrigation Optimization: Extend the Water Networks program with this collection of tools for the detailed analysis and optimization of irrigation networks.
  • Networks Optimization Extend the Water Networks program with this collection of tools for optimizing both irrigation and water networks using genetic algorithms.
  • Rainwater Inlets to solve grates and gutters along roads.
  • River Flow: Solves uniform and non-uniform flow problems in streams and rivers.
  • Hydraulic Solver: Calculate and design sections, weirs, orifices, grates, curbs, pumps and more.
  • Culverts: Design culverts and calculate flow parameters in culverts.
  • Hydraulic Hammer: Calculation of water hammer in closed sections.
  • Reservoir Simulation: Simulation of the operation of a multi-purpose reservoir.
  • Flood Flows: Estimates the flow rate for floods, flood routing for rivers and reservoirs.
  • Water Balance: Models the water budget of catchments.
  • IDF Curves: Creates intensity-duration-frequency curves.
  • Mobile Emission, a friendly user-interface based on EPA Mobile 6.2 model
  • Roadway Pollutants a powerful combination of Caline 3, Caline 3 QHC, Caline 3 QHCR and Caline 4 models
  • Landfill Gas for calculating landfill gas emissions based on EPA's LandGEM v3.02 model
  • Screen Model for pollutant concentration estimates from point, flare, area or volume sources based on EPA's SCREEN3 model.
  • Construction Noise to estimate the noise pollution from different equipment at a construction site, based on Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)'s Roadway Construction Noise Model v1.1.
  • Project Fees to estimate the engineer fees for services and projects (in greek only).
  • Construction Auctions to create issues for construction auctions (in greek only).
  • Construction Fees to evaluate construction fees for private projects (in greek only).
  • Coordinate conversion: Convert geographic coordinates among a wide variety of coordinate systems, map projections, and datums.
  • Biaxial Bending: Analysis of arbitrary cross sections in biaxial bending with axial load.
  • Significant Wave: Evaluation of the characteristics of the significant wave based on the SMB method.
  • xlOptimizer: Generic optimization tool for Microsoft Excel.

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4499.00 €

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