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TLSolver is a general-purpose solver with the most complete report, featuring HTML5 implementation, active links to external and internal resources, a powerful unit system (on per-variable basis), full support for complex mathematical notation within the report, an automatic citation and appendix system, internal databases, printing to PDF, direct export to DOCX format, etc.

In the current version the following solvers are available:

The above solvers are improved versions of the solvers contained in the program Flood Flows.

Customers that have the program Flood Flows in version 2022 or 2023 can download and use the professional version TLSolver Pro here for free.

Customers that have the program Flood Flows in version 2024 can download and use the professional version TLSolver 2024.1 Pro here for free.

There is also a demonstration version (TLSolver Demo) here.

Solver description: Hydrology > Flood flows

  • Evaluation of the flood flow with the rational method or other empeirical methods.
  • In case of the rational method, one of the following methods can be used for the estimation of the concentration time:
    • Direct value
    • Bransby Williams
    • Eagleson
    • Espey/Winslow
    • FAA
    • Giandotti
    • Kerby/Hathaway
    • Kirpich
    • Kirpich(PA)
    • SCS Lag
    • Length and velocity
    • Temez
    • Chow
    • California Culverts Practice
    • Izzard
    • Kinematic wave
  • In case of empirical formulas the following options are available:
    • Fuller
    • Forti
    • Fanning
    • Kuichling
    • Iskovski
    • SCS
    • Snyder
  • Built-in databases for IDF curves.
  • Use of custom IDF curves of several types: Sherman, Chow, YPEN, custom (point-by-point).
  • Calculation of composite runoff coefficient.
  • Comparison graph.
  • Report with embedded bibliography and references.
  • Warning messages when a method used is out of scope.

Solver description: Hydrology > Flood routing in river

  • Flood routing in rivers using several methods.
  • The methods are:
    • Muskingum
    • Muskingum - Cunge
    • SCS Convex
    • Kinematic Wave

Solver description: Hydrology > Flood routing in reservoir

  • Flood routing in reservoirs.
  • Use of custom hydrographs.
  • Use of custom outflow - storage curves.
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